Rose Medical Center
October 01, 2019

Health One, Rose Medical Center, 70th Anniversary

Denver, CO — This year, Rose Medical Center is celebrating its rich history and deep community ties in honor of its 70th anniversary. To herald this momentous anniversary, the Central Denver hospital will introduce a branding campaign that commemorates its deep history of and commitment to inclusivity and excellence and will host anniversary celebrations this fall.

More than 70 years ago, on the heels of World War II, a group of Jewish physicians in Denver recognized an urgent need for additional hospital beds. Denver's population was soaring, and the hospitals couldn't keep up with community need. In addition, young Jewish physicians were returning from the war without a place to practice medicine. The Jewish Physicians' Committee believed a new Denver hospital could solve both concerns. A unique community fundraising campaign was born and, in 1949, the General Maurice Rose Memorial Hospital was opened.

Being Denver's first hospital to credential Jewish doctors wasn't easy but it was the right thing to do for our patients. As one of Rose's founding physicians, Dr. Sol Bassow started Rose Medical Center with the mission to "Serve the need of every creed." This core belief has served patients from all walks of life over the past 70 years. And today we aren't slowing down because our patients deserve nothing less than our best. The power to do right.

The hospital was named for fallen WWII hero and Denver son, General Maurice Rose. Rose was the highest-ranking Jewish officer in the US Army. He was known for, and remembered to this day, for leading his troops from the front instead of a rear command post. Continuing in its namesake's tradition, General Maurice Rose Memorial Hospital (later Rose Medical Center) earned the distinction of being America's first post-war, privately sponsored hospital, and later became the first hospital in Denver to admit physicians based solely on their professional credentials regardless of race or religion. With a foundational value "to serve the need of every creed," these marked just the beginning of many innovative milestones from Rose Medical Center.

In honor of these milestones, Rose has launched a new campaign: "The Power of Doing Right." The campaign highlights the hospital providing a place to practice to Jewish physicians returning from war service; of being the first to credential a black doctor in Denver, general practitioner and surgeon Dr. Edmond Noel, in 1949; its trailblazing of the shared governance model [giving nurses a voice in patient care decisions]; and representative of Rose's continuing commitment to respect and serve the diverse audiences of its patient base, employees, physicians and visitors.

"Rose is incredibly proud of our legacy of inclusivity and doing the right thing for our patients, physicians and the community," said Ryan Tobin, President and CEO of Rose Medical Center. "We are proud of our heritage and the pioneering efforts of our predecessors that led to many innovations and important changes in healthcare. The team today continues to embrace this tradition and is honored to continue this trend into the future."

The debut of The Power of Doing Right campaign kicks off the hospital's 70th anniversary celebration. The commemoration will include events for staff to learn more about the hospital's history; renovation and placement of an original portrait of General Rose in the hospital's first floor museum; adding additional historical elements to the Rose museum, including the birth of the Rose Community Foundation, which came from the sale proceeds when Rose was sold to HCA Healthcare in 1995; digital media; a storytelling platform; and event sponsorships. The unveiling of General Rose's portrait will be supported by General Rose's own division, the 3D Armored Division Veterans of the US Army.

"Those who came before us were unwavering in their dedication to inclusivity and excellence. This has brought the hospital much success, earning the distinction of 'Denver's Baby Hospital' and reputation as a leader in women's, heart, cancer, orthopedic and bariatric care," explains Don Kortz, HealthONE board member and former Rose Medical Center advisory board president. "The leaders of Rose today have a responsibility to carry this trend onward. Highlighting and celebrating these historical milestones is an important step in shouldering that duty."