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August 04, 2017



Julie Hogan
Director of Marketing & Public Affairs
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Denver - August 2, 2017 - Rose Medical Center is thrilled to announce a new pain management offering for its laboring mothers: nitrous oxide (N20). Nitrous oxide, also called "laughing gas," is used as a pain killer for a variety of medical problems. While it was popular as a labor pain relief option in the early 20th century, it lost appeal after the advent of the epidural. Though nitrous oxide continued to be used in European countries and Canada, US hospitals stopped offering it as an option.

Rose Medical Center welcomes nearly 4,000 Rose Babies each year and is dedicated to the health, safety and comfort of each and every family.

This includes priding itself on providing a variety of options to meet each family's birth wishes, and Rose's moms increasingly have been asking about the option for nitrous.

"Each family that delivers at Rose is special to us, and each mother's labor, delivery and pain tolerance differ," said Chief Nursing Officer Lynne Wagner. "That's why we are so pleased to offer this to our patients, whether as a relaxation tool during early labor or as a replacement for other pain relief options."

Mothers can self-administer nitrous oxide by inhaling through a hand-held mask. This safe and easy option "takes the edge off" a laboring woman's pain and also may reduce her anxiety. Other benefits of this option include the mother's ability to control the pain relief, no additional monitoring required, no known effects on the baby and the ability to transition to other pain relief options if necessary.

"Rose offers a full spectrum of pregnancy and childbirth care designed to meet family's birth wishes," Wagner explained. "We offer everything from high-risk pregnancy care to family-centered C-sections to our Rose Doula Connection program and the Rose Babies Birth Center, a low intervention birthplace. The addition of nitrous oxide is just another way we are demonstrating our long-standing commitment to being Denver's Baby Hospital."

About Rose Medical Center

Well known as a Denver institution and a 9th Avenue landmark for nearly 70 years, Rose Medical Center has earned its reputation as Denver's "Baby Hospital" while becoming a leader in comprehensive women's care, orthopedics and total joint replacement, heart and vascular care, weight-loss treatment, cancer care, surgical services, internal medicine and emergency care. With origins in Jewish teachings, traditions and community, Rose's founders built this hospital to "serve the need of every creed". By offering a high level of expertise and service across all disciplines, Rose has truly become a destination hospital, attracting patients from throughout Colorado and around the world.