Rose Medical Center
June 02, 2016

For Immediate Release

Stephanie Sullivan
Director of Media Relations and Community Affairs

Partnership between Apple and Rose is advancing technology to elevate patient experience.

DENVER, CO – June 2, 2016 – The recently opened Rose Orthopedic & Spine Center at Rose Medical Center is leveraging the latest technology to provide an unparalleled patient care experience.  A unique partnership between Rose and Apple provides Apple TVs enabled with Apple AirPlay in every patient room. When connected, Apple AirPlay enables patients to see whatever is on their Apple device on the TV in their room. This will allow patients to project news and entertainment resources such as Netflix and Pandora onto the in-room television.  Patients can FaceTime or Skype with their loved ones or even play games on the television.  Patients also can watch relaxation content found on YouTube, Netflix or other video streaming sites on the in-room television using Apple AirPlay, which provides the opportunity fora more soothing healing experience.

In addition, the opportunity for patient education is vast.  The Rose Orthopedic & Spine Center provides extensive patient educational videos and pre-operative information, all of which is available before surgery and in the patient’s room via and displayed via an Apple device using Apple AirPlay. Pharmacists will use Apple AirPlay to educate patients about medications and physical and occupational therapists will use the tool to show patients rehabilitation videos before each new exercise. Physicians will also use Apple AirPlay to review patients’ records with patients while rounding post-operatively as well as provide a host of educational information to patients and their families.

“Rose continues to be committed to providing a patient experience that is second to none. The use of common household technology is an opportunity to help our patients enjoy the comforts of home while in our care.”

Kenneth Feiler, President and CEO of Rose Medical Center

The use of this consumer technology in aiding patient care and improving the patient experience is unique not just to Denver but the entire nation. As the first hospital in the country to incorporate Apple TVs with Apple AirPlay into its model, Rose Medical Center is leading the way in patient-centered care that utilizes 21st century technology.

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